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Lance Bombadier Emma Playford, Gunner Calum Pearson and Gunner Joshua Ratcliffe of The King's Troop Horse Artillery in Woolwich as they launch a new set of stamps entitled 'Working Horses', which celebrates horses from the Riding for the Disabled Association, The King's Troop Ceremonial Horses, Dray Horses, Royal Mews Carriage Horses, Police Horses and a Forestry Horse.

A red kangaroo joey seen crossing his arms and paws while standing up in Sturt Stony Desert, New South Wales, Australia

A pair of Amur tigers snuggle in their enclosure in Leningrad Zoo, St Petersburg

Schleswig Kaltblut stallion "Outrup" rears next to owner Frede Lauridsen from Denmark during the stallion selection in Neumuenster, Germany

Sumo, a king-sized kitty currently living at a Cats Protection adoption centre in north London. When he was found as an ill stray in September last year he weighed around 1st 8lbs (11.75Kg) – almost twice his recommended weight. After a short stay at the RSPCA’s Harmsworth Hospital, who put the portly purrer him on a diet, he is now with Cats Protection. He currently weighs around 22lbs (10 Kg) and the centre is hoping to slim him down to around 13lbs (6 Kg) before finding him a new home. Cats Protection advise that cats like Sumo are at significant risk of diabetes, heart disease and arthritis and urge owners of overweight cats to seek the advice of their vet to help their feline fight the flab.

A grey squirrel investigates a photographer's lens in London's Hyde Park

A river otter at the Sedgwick County Zoo is covered in snow after playing with a snowman in Witichta

A trio of juvenile king penguins wonder if there are any tasty morsels in the mackerel sky on Saunders Island in the Falklands

Chancellor George Osborne Tweeted this photo of the 'Showdown in Downing St' between his pets Freya the cat and Lola the Bichon Frise. No reports as yet on who won this political power struggle.

White lioness Azira lies in her cage with two of her three cubs that were born last week in a private zoo in Borysew, central Poland

A pair of inquisitive red squirrels get to grips with some wildlife photography in Formby, Merseyside

Groundhog handler John Griffiths holds Punxsutawney Phil aloft

Twin juvenile Geoffroy's marmosets snuggle up on a branch New York's Prospect Park Zoo

Mama Cass, a tank-born eight-month-old female Octopus briareus, displays her magnificent web

After a winter storm blanked the New York area with 6-8 inches of snow, a couple of reluctant-looking dogs are taken out on their daily walk

Local home owner Val Wise checks on an eight-week-old male seal pup that made his way into her garden in Portreath, Cornwall, Monday morning following the high tide

A zookeeper feeds tapir Naru a carrot in Leipzig

An extreme freediver swims with a pair of Beluga whales beneath the White Sea off Karelia, the Arctic

An inquisitive lion cub gets to grips with the modern art of selfies after discovering a go-pro camera on a motorised car in the Samburu National Reserve, Kenya


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