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[MISTURANDO-IDEIAS] During The Day , This Beautiful Beach is Just Like Any Other......But At Night.....................



During The Day, This Beautiful Beach Is Just Like Any Other. But When Night Falls, Magic Starts To Happen.

Most islands have sunshine and palm trees, but this one has something that you've never seen before.

If you take a trip to the beach, a stroll through the sand is always magical.

Source: imagesu.net

But if you choose to do it at nighttime on the Maldives islands, something is going to be... Different.

bio7 Source: flickr.combio5 Source: flickr.com

Is your mind deceiving you, or did the stars fall right out of the sky and into the ocean?

bio1 Source: flickr.com

You're far too rational to believe in fairies... Right?

bio10 Source: picsgen.com

You reach down and feel the cool, wet sand give in to the pressure of your hand. No, this is definitely not a dream.

bio9 Source: blogspot.com

These incredible lights are one-hundred percent real... And one-hundred percent alive.

bio6 Source: flickr.com

These tiny phytoplankton possess the power of bioluminescence, which makes them glow a bright blue when they are stressed.

bio3 Source: flickr.com

The crashing of the waves can produce such an effect, giving a magical touch to the tide.

bio8 Source: nationalgeographic.com

The bright blue beach is awe-inspiring, and it seems impossible that it exists outside of fantasy landscapes.

bio11 Source: lostateminor.com

But in this case, nature is truly more beautiful than any author or movie director could have ever dreamt up.

bio12 Source: Maldives.net

This incredible experience is a bit more common to see out in the open ocean instead of right on the shore, but on a dark, moonless night, you'll have a bit more luck seeing the ocean's fireflies light up the beach.

Source: thisiscolossal.com

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